Corporate Detailing Service

About Us


        I started detailing in 1996 working at a local dealership in Vero Beach, FL. I received a job offer in Nashville, TN working for Opryland Hotel. I was in charge of keeping a fleet of buses clean along with the service and VIP vehicles. After two years I came back to my home town. 

     When I came back I started Corporate Detailing, working out of the back of a small pickup.  Corporate Detailing Service  was established in Jan of 1998 and has been growing and improving ever since. We are committed to providing our clients with superior quality service at competitive rates. With this work ethic we have been able to build and maintain our clientele.  18 years later we use professional supplies And learn from the best in the business. We are here to stay and are looking to grow with the community. 

            If you need something done and you want a really good deal give us a call. We are rated one of the best Auto Detailers in Vero Beach.